Cucu’s Farm

Just thought I would put up one of my favourite images. This is one of the the oldest structure on my grandmother’s farm: the boy’s hut. It is where I would stay whenever I went to visit her during the holidays. The walls on the inside are covered with old newspapers and pictures from ‘laddie’ magazines collected in the 1970s. Isn’t it beautiful? Posted by Hello

About bulletsandhoney
I read my first book when I was three, then my second one a few weeks later. It has carried on this way for decades with only temporary distractions of eating, fighting, loving, heartbreak and other such irrelevant biographical details.

One Response to Cucu’s Farm

  1. Njoro says:

    Very nice indeed! Maze, I saw my first dirty pictures in my cousin’s ‘thingira’, much like this one. I guess taste in wallpaper didn’t vary much across the ridges.

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