Choking on Aid Money in Africa

I just had to share these two links:

Choking on Aid Money in Africa
By Erich Wiedemann and Thilo Thielke
DER SPIEGEL 27/2005 – July 4, 2005

Does aid work? Yes – for Britain
By Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie,,1072-1675882,00.html

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I read my first book when I was three, then my second one a few weeks later. It has carried on this way for decades with only temporary distractions of eating, fighting, loving, heartbreak and other such irrelevant biographical details.

One Response to Choking on Aid Money in Africa

  1. Peter OA says:

    Surely there is a contradiction in Chikezie’s article. On the one hand he lauds or appears to laud the remittances Africans sent back to their countries of origin and yet on the other appears to lambast the very countries from which they make a living to remit.

    Surely no one ‘compels’ Africans to work in the NHS; most do so out of necessity and if Africans did not, Asians or Caribbeans would. In addition, it is not clear the period of time to which the £200 billion relates. Is the per annum or for the last 20 years for instance? This would enable us to put remittances into its proper perspective.

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