The History of Kissing

Of course you’ve been kissing and in so many ways too if you think of it for a moment. You have shared kisses of veneration; of peace; perhaps conferred them on religious images, relics or idols; and maybe been ‘lucky’ enough to kiss the Pope’s foot or bestowed one by your superior. It may well have come during your college graduation as you were handed your degree; perhaps from your lover; or it may have been the lustful and adulterous kiss that one wishes they shared with their lover; or the one exchanged by couples sealing their marriage vows. It could even have been the kiss of reconciliation; the contagious kiss; or even the kiss of a Judas. Keith Thomas goes exploring this exchange of saliva, dirt and intimacy.


About bulletsandhoney
I read my first book when I was three, then my second one a few weeks later. It has carried on this way for decades with only temporary distractions of eating, fighting, loving, heartbreak and other such irrelevant biographical details.

7 Responses to The History of Kissing

  1. akiey5 says:

    The post & the link are a nice read. In my comunity we get into the kissing thing at infancy. We’re taught to greet older folk(anyone over 15) that are close to the family with a kiss on the hand when greeting them.
    -Grandpa’s get a kiss on the hand while grandmas get lucky with one on the hand & another on the cheek.
    If you’re not family & you visit a friend’s place, our kids are told ‘shum’ as they shake your hand to indicate that the person is close to the family so kids should greet you with a kiss.
    -When a cousin,sibling that’s very close to you dies,it’s not uncommon to kiss them on the forehead before burial.

  2. MMK says:

    akiey5 – Glad that you liked the post. What community do you come from if you do not mind me asking? I am ever so curious about kissing because it appears to be such a universal gesture when it is not.

  3. paul says:

    Not to change the subject, but the Carnival of Revolutions is up, and you’re in it.

  4. Milonare says:

    Interesting post and link!

    I guess I’ll kiss some of my prior views on kissing goodbye…

  5. Dr. phil says:

    What of kissing private parts?

  6. Prousette says:

    Where I come from kissing just anybody is a no-no. I remember feeling very uneasy when a french friend got into the habit of kissing me whenever we met anywhere and it was mighty uncomfy; though to him the opposite was uncomfortable.
    Being a sensual act it has these connotations and undertones associated ; Kissing is limited to babies and romantically inclined others.

  7. MMK says:

    I have been so quiet for so long, in my own blog! How inexcusable…

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