Fasting Diary: The Path (Back) to the Warrior

I have been fasting for the past six hours and cannot think from the hunger. I am delirious with it and cannot imagine that I will be able to maintain it for a week. My stomach after hearing that Head Division had ruled the start of a fast went into full scale battle mode. It immediately initiated a civil disobedience campaign of sharp unexpected intestinal twistings and loud, rumbling cries of ‘no food, no justice’. The sight of a portly man eating a brie and ham sandwich as I walked by him in search of Miso soup made me hurriedly close my moaning mouth just before a gob of saliva escaped. By tomorrow, the odds are that I will be lying on my couch with harly the strength to use the remote control. But with the ever valiant and dictatorial (to the rest of the body) Head Division on duty, I am sure there shall be orders to the fingers to provide periodic updates to you decadent types with your sandwiches and breads and pies, beers, ice creams, steaks…damn you all!

I used to fast occasionally to try and give my ever-working tummy a rest. Does it not sometimes rankle how cow-like eating is, the endless munching and swallowing, the helplessness of needing to eat or die, the boring predictability? Since I have been in London, the training regime I used to have in New York fell apart. I could not find a dojo that I enjoyed and for the life of me cannot get myself to run consistently in the grey weather. My willpower – or the little there is of it – used to be expressed mainly through goals I set myself in Vee Arnis Jitsu. Not anymore. Now it occasionally pokes its little head from its hiding place to will the writing of bits of my thesis and the occasional short story. The bastard can last for weeks without raising the slightest murmur of protest at my procrastinations. Enough I said to my brother last night, enough of this self-indulgence that has turned my body into the soft, spoilt, library-visiting, tiring, weak lump that I used to hold in contempt (and fear). Back to the lean warrior ready to run all night to besiege and lay to waste a city by day. My brother of course laughed heartily and cruelly; he does not think I will last more than a day.

The goal for the week is to limit myself to light liquids. It is to be Miso soup and its brothy equivalents, water, teas and possibly, very possibly given I have business meetings to attend in the evenings, vodka. (Just got some anonymous advice on eating occassional bits of fiber-filled veggies that I will follow.)

Stay glued to this spot for updates as I attempt a return to the path of right, to reclaiming my body from the forces of laziness and weakness. Back to the world of willed pain to build strength and endurance. Back to the jujitsu throw and to the skinned knuckles of Arnis stick training.

In these days of fear-mongering as argument, I expect that some reader will think to chime in with advice about how unsafe this plan may be. Or even how ‘insensitive’ I am being at a time when there are people actually starving to death. But I will only be listening to those who actually advise me how to get through it as planned. Wish me luck.

About bulletsandhoney
I read my first book when I was three, then my second one a few weeks later. It has carried on this way for decades with only temporary distractions of eating, fighting, loving, heartbreak and other such irrelevant biographical details.

11 Responses to Fasting Diary: The Path (Back) to the Warrior

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey MK,

    I am with you on this one. I have strayed from the straight and narrow aand the will to stay on course.
    My strategy is
    1. Drink plenty of fluids even if you have to spend half the day in the loo.
    2. Eat small but many doses of fiber filled vegetables, these actually help sweep your gut. I am thinking Celery sticks, Cucumber, etc
    3. When you drink your water, mix it with physillum husks, which is good for clearing your gut, but also fills your stomach for about 2 hours.

    4. Keep you mind onthe body you want, and think about it all the time. Try to hang out with folks with that kind of body and ask how they do it. It will give you psyche so sure.

    5. Watch the sports channel , it is full of lean and mean people, who will psyche you up.

    6. don’t do this for more than a week.

    7. week 2 don’t shock you system by binjing! begin to do small meals at first, actually stay on small meals if you want to keep it easy on your stomach and will.

  2. MMK says:

    anonymous – thanks for the advice. It saved me when I had to meet a friend of mine at an Eritrean restaurant last night. Was so hungry at that point that the only thing between me and the injera was a salad which I had to have to keep from going insane.

  3. Keguro says:

    If you truly want to starve, try living on $15 for two months.

    I lost 20 pounds.

  4. MMK says:

    keguro – $15 for two months? I thought I had seen those days of a packet of hotdogs and a 2 litre coke for a week, or the choice between chicken and a six pack. But yours takes it to a whole other level.

  5. WM says:

    How about if I do it with you? I’m not ecstatic about what has happened to my lean mean muscled machine either, frankly, of my fondly remembered elegant dance and jock days. So, here we go.
    Hey anon, what are physillum husks?

  6. MMK says:

    WM – Haiya! But you cannot make it a day without a glass of wine. Welcome though I must report that I had a big bite of injera last night and a couple of eggs today…

  7. WM says:

    Can I sue you for that comment, which is quite clearly character assasination? I may have to stop talking to you. And I haven’t had any wine since I was in Kenya, so you see it was really your dastardly influence, you debaucher of scholars, you!

  8. MMK says:

    WM – woi, ngai! Ugerearise uria rearizete, then you would know that I do not believe that you will be able to join me on this fast.

  9. WM says:

    So, how’s the fastin going, since I’m still fasting? Ukurearise ati nidarearisirere how to go without food long ago. Speaking of rearising, I just had an email from our Joyce.

  10. acolyte says:

    My first visit here!Deep posts you have in your archives!Seems I’m not the only martial arts afficianado in KBW.Let’s us know how the fast went and good luck with the awards!

  11. Hey, try the Master Cleanse ( if you haven’t already. Let me know what you think! I haven’t been able to do it for the full 10 days but I actually “enjoyed” it for the short periods that I did it. : )

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